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World class page load time optimization specialists at Digi Maximizer assures guaranteed boost on loading time for your existing web. Get 100% FREE assessment for your website.


pagespeed-blackwhitePage loading time is the most critical aspect of a website. It doesn’t matter if a website has been designed quiet brilliantly or it provides unbeatable deals, passage of entry to access you web store needs to be extreme smooth. Without Page load time optimization applied, even the best of websites struggles to capitalize on potential traffic.


Page loading time optimization refer to the art of speeding up your website load time on user browsers. If your web doesn’t responds within 3-4 seconds, users are most likely to get frustrated and divert to other browsing options available. Page Loading time optimization isn’t a new concept but received prominence since google updated it’s algorithm and covered Page load time as a critical factor in overall score calculation while rendering organic results. Imagine a situation whereby you make a query on a search engine and are trying to access the websites listed. If those web are slower to load, it will impacts your loyality towards search engine reuse itself. Hence Page loading time will gain more and more prominence in times ahead.


However despite the criticality, most of the webs still aren’t optimized to provide a blazingly fast user experience. It results not only in financial losses but also losing a potential returning user. Lack of expertise and right guidance also contribute towards same and this is where Digi Maximizer steps in. We specialize in Page loading time optimization through learning acquired by rigorous experiments conducted over number of years and finding the right balance between functionalities and speedier accessibility.


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Page Load (Starter)

Costing Mode : One Time Set Up

  • One time set up.
  • Upto 3 unique template pages supported
  • Guaranteed loading time improvement.
  • 100% money back.

Page Load (Pro)

Costing Mode : One Time Set Up + Monthly

  • Continuous month around optimization & maintenance.
  • Upto 10 unique template pages supported.
  • Guaranteed page loading time improvement.
  • CDN set up & implementation.
  • Weekly reportings.
  • 100% money back.